2007 30-Day Challenges

I mentioned previously that Carly and I are going to do 30-day challenges in 2007. It turns out that was no BS. Here’s a breakdown of the first 6 months goals:

2007 30-Day Challenges

The early morning wake-ups will coincide with early morning trips to the gym. It will be good to see the folks back at the gym again. Is Jan 1st the busiest gym day of the year? If not, is it the 2nd of Jan?

I face two big challenges with the no-alcohol month in January: a trip to Las Vegas and Broomball season. It’s not clear which one’s more enabling. Friday’s our season opener for broomball, so that will be the first big test. Oh, and Carly wants to take a wine tasting course around the 25th.

Nichole Ritchie?Carly thinks I’m going to lose a lot of weight by booze out of my diet for a month. Maybe I should have picked up these Nichole Ritchie style sunglasses in Miami?

12 thoughts on “2007 30-Day Challenges”

  1. Very impressive…I really like your April, May, June swing.

    Feb is pretty weak though…especially if Jack’s Pizza counts as a meal at home. I say count Jack’s, but make it 2 meals / day at home…would that force you to eat 4 meals a day though? 🙂
    And January, what can I say about no alcohol…that will be a challenge for you, but where is Carly’s challenge? Now, if she had to drink your usual intake in January, now THAT would be a challenge, no? But maybe February would have to be changed to read–
    February –
    Ed = Eat 1 meal per day at home; Carly = Detox. 😉

  2. Good point about frozen pizzas. We have actually preparing and eating a meal at home, so I don’t think Jack’s would cut it by that measure.

    Eating at home isn’t as easy as it sounds for me. Have you not been getting my Dodgeball check-ins?

  3. LOL on The Other Mike’s post. Yes, if I had to drink at Ed’s level for the month of January that would be a challenge for me.

    And for the record, February’s challenge of eating 1 meal a day from home WILL be a challenge! Currently, we are typically eating out at least once a day. This is also more of a challenge than you might initially think if you factor in that neither of us really cook and our most common current meals at home include Jack’s (both of us) and cereal (me).

  4. Hmm, those comments above make April look even tougher, like a month long fast. As a friend, I think I should rip the labels and packaging off a couple cases of Jack’s for you…is it okay if I keep the cardboard circle, they make such a good multi-purpose cutting board (for both square and pie cuts) and serving tray?

    Checkins? I thought you went to Mel-o-glaze for the oatmeal and Tilly’s for the herbal tea?

    Oh, I just read the fine print (the meal at home has to be lunch or dinner) Well, unless you two work at home, that means dinner, right? So, you guys gonna pack a lunch on those days when the boss pulls you in on some evening dinner, does that even count?

    Dang, I’m such a detail worry-wart, who cares, it is a great challenge and I am serious when I say I’m impressed.

    Still…let me know if you need me to repackage those Jacks for you….

  5. Jacks Pizza is pretty close to all natural, right? Hmm. Something to consider if we get into a pinch. Perhaps the meal at home will be late-night air-popped popcorn? That would probably be a violation.

    BTW, Tillie’s does have great herbal teas.

  6. I’m pretty familar with this 30 days concept, so I’m going to have to say I’m not very impressed albeit April. Where’s the challenge and creativity?

    My spin on this one, a couple of under achiever’s setting the bar to curb level……

  7. Ed, your handwriting is really becoming much more clear. I’m impressed. Any tips for me?

    Let me know if you guys want company at the Y. I need more excuses to get over there, especially since I will no longer drive by on my way home from work.

  8. Shek – Wed. & Fri mornings @ 6:00 a.m. See you there!

    Mr. Konkol… I mean M. Spurlock – wow, that’s a lot of talk. Do you have a list of 30 day challenges too? Please share, I’m sure your plan must be more challenging and creative. Oh wait, what’s your latest alignment?

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