Nudie and Running Magazine Audiences

Jackalope Ranch raises an interesting question about the subtle differences between two popular nudie and running magazines mid-“Who buys nudie magazines at airports?” rant:

“And part of my routine is to marvel over all the selections and how one goes about choosing one magazine over another. Are the differences between Playboy and Penthouse as subtle and nuanced as the differences between Running Times and Runner’s World (or Newsweek vs. Time)?”

I think the answer is obvious and Jackalope is either showing or feining ignorance on this one. Here is how it breaks down:
Playboy is to Runner’s World as Penthouse is to Running Times. Same basic topic but the latter in both cases caters to a slightly more hardcore audience.

One thought on “Nudie and Running Magazine Audiences”

  1. Well in that case you can take this analogy even farther. The casual runner can get what he needs out of Runners World and Running Times. But true running junkie can get so much more than just these two magazines. Track and Field News which is 95% results from races all over the country. Fast Forward is the publication of USA Track and Field. Track and Field Minnesota is put out by USA Track and Field–Minnesota.

    You can probably see where I’m going with this. For the casual fan of nudie magazines Playboy and Penthouse do the trick. But for the hardcore (no pun intended) porn affianado there are, shall we say, magazines with more in-depth coverage.

    I was once given copies of Juggs and Swank as a going away present at a resutaurant I worked at in high school. The intended effect I’m sure was to “freak the shit out of the sheltered, quiet high school kid.” It worked. Some of those pictures are still seered in my mind. Be afraid. Very afraid. And I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    So in the context of all the nudie magazines out there, the differences between Penthouse and Playboy are insignificant, just as the differencces between Running Times and Runners’ World are insignificant to a hardcore running fan. And I assume the type of guy who would buy porn in an airport is a hardcore porn fan (and again no pun intended).

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