Square Cut vs. Pie Sliced Pizza

Square Cut Pizza, originally uploaded by edkohler.

“The Mrs.” prefers square-cut pizza, like this beautiful Jack’s Cheese pizza we’re enjoying for lunch.

Personally, I’m a slice shape flip-flopper. I like the utility of pie slices since they’re easier to eat without getting your fingers dirty. But there is something special about the corner slices found on a square-sliced pizza.

6 thoughts on “Square Cut vs. Pie Sliced Pizza”

  1. I prefer triangular slices. I don’t square slices unless you’re eating a huge ass pizza. If you have to eat a pizza so big it needs square pieces, I say you should consider getting two mediums instead of one gargantuan.

  2. Square sliced Jack’s would really taste good. Too bad we ate our last one for lunch. Thanks to Meg & Amy the golden graham squares are coming through in a pinch right now.

  3. Wow, I didn’t realize this would be such a contentious issue. I’m sticking with my pie sliced over squares position. I haven’t been swayed.

  4. I think both have their advantages, but really in the end it should be a joint descision by the people who will eat said pizza. For example: I am the kind of person who like the crispy outer edge and if you are eating with someone who also likes the crispy edges, problems could arise, therefore the pie-style would be the best choice. Now if I’m eating with someone who like the gooey inner pieces its pretty obvious we should go with the grid-style cut.

  5. When it comes to pizza slicing and relationships, do opposites attract? Maybe eharmony.com should include a pie vs. square, and if square, edges or centers questions on their relationship exams?

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