Bob Barr Quits the Republican Party

Former Georgia congressman, Bob Barr, has decided the time has come to leave the Republican Party and become a Libertarian. Apparently, the privacy and civil liberties violations by the current administration put Barr over the edge. Surprisingly, the “values” issues thrust on America by the same administration didn’t seem to bother Barr as much, which seems strange considering that he’s been known to lick whipped cream of the nipples of buxom babes and is a pro-life abortionist.

It sounds like the Libertarian Party is indeed the appropriate home for Barr. The man seems to have a very interesting private life, and he seems to have come to the conclusion that for he to have such a private life, everyone would need one.

I wonder what’s stopping him from jumping straight to the Democratic Party? Dems are also pro-whipped creamed boob licking by supporting privacy rights, and dems do more to prevent abortions through support for family planning, job creation, and education. And when it comes to civil liberties, Dems are generally the party of the ACLU, who defends the civil liberties of people ranging from Rush “hillbilly heroin” Limbaugh to John Lennon. You’re not going to find that kind of proactive civil libertarian action with the Libertarian Party.

2 thoughts on “Bob Barr Quits the Republican Party”

  1. Democrats for Civil Liberties, huh?

    Are these the same Democrats who slammed Republicans who supported Alternatives to the Drug War for reelection in 2006?

    Are these the same Democrats who want to reinstitute the Military Draft?

    Are these the same Nanny-State Democrats who want to fine me and throw me in jail for not wearing my seat belt in MY car.

    Are these the same Democrats who want to ban smoking in privately-owned Bars and Bingo Halls?

    Are these the same Democrats who want to force Politically Correct speech on me, so much so that I’m even now afraid to say a non-sensical word like “Macaca”?

    Are these the same Democrats who oppose ending Affirmative Action quotas, and want to limit college admissions to only those in special categories?

    Yupper, Dems are for civil liberties, alright.

    Eric, CEO,

  2. Hmm, I’ll wear a seatbelt regardless of whether the government tells me to, I don’t smoke and can’t stand the smell or health impacts, and I think the entire country should be involved in justifiable wars, so I guess I’m pro-draft too. Yet, I don’t see any of this as intrusive. Is it intrusive to legislate common sense, and justify wars?

    The Macaca and affirmative action comments seem bigoted to me, but maybe that’s just my Dem perspective.

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