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Where I Slept – 2006

Places I slept in 2006:

Inspired by Jason Kottke.

Update (forgot a couple):

  • Duluth, MN
  • Brainerd, MN

Update (I think I suffer from premature postulation):

  • Two Harbors, MN
  • Davenport, IA
  • Cambridge, MA

2 thoughts on “Where I Slept – 2006”

  1. I covered two of yours (Mpls-where I keep my hat, and Madison-son’s graduation), can add my Mom’s (Merrill WI for a couple visits)…and then I quickly grind to a halt. I’ve had a very static couple years going on now that I’m working again. I haven’t done anything I didn’t have to do lately and 2007 is gonna change that, I can feel it.

  2. I like lists. Here’s my “where I slept in ’06” list:

    Minneapolis, MN
    Madison, WI
    Surrey, BC
    Superior, WI
    Stillwater, MN
    Seattle, WA
    Chicago, IL
    Miami, FL
    Duluth, MN
    Brainerd, MN
    Atlanta, GA
    Des Moines, IA
    Grand Forks, ND
    Kansas City, MO
    Park City, UT
    Plymouth, MN
    Two Harbors, MN

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