War on Christmas: Santa Sluts

Santa’s lil’ Sluts – 015, originally uploaded by atotalcad.

Two out of three sorority girls don’t realize that red, not pink, is the appropriate color for Santa Slut outfits.

Maybe Bill O’Reilly and John Gibson are right about the war on Christmas?

Who knew it would have such horrendous side effects?

Props to the girl on the right who realizes Santa sluts should be red. Her momma didn’t raise no fool.

6 thoughts on “War on Christmas: Santa Sluts”

  1. You’re web traffic is about to increase ten-fold with this picture alone. Of course, 75% of those hits will be from me. Cripes, first the sorority girls sexualized Halloween and now this. What’s next, sexy turkey outfits for Thanksgiving?

  2. D00D
    Thanks for blogging the photo, and for the very funny comment.
    I hope that photo spikes traffic to your site.

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