FUH2 – Right On!

This was my first FUH2 photo:


If it’s not immediately obvious what this is all about, try this: F-U H2.

I first heard about this in an interview with one of the founders of Flickr, Caterina Fake, on Geek Entertainment TV. Fake said it was one of her favorite Flickr tags. So on the way to work one day, I passed this H2, gave it an FU, and emailed it to my Flickr acccount. Small things like this make the world a better place.

I don’t think I could eat enough soy to crave an H2.

3 thoughts on “FUH2 – Right On!”

  1. I don’t get it. Why you got to hate?

    P.S. If you are flicking it off with one hand, and taking the photo with the other, which hand is on the steering wheel?
    Drivers like you…

    j/k. I hate hummers too, GM crap

  2. So the weirdest thing happened about a week ago. I was driving my silver H2 down the street, feeling better about how tiny my wang is, wheen out of nowhere, some dude flips me off and takes a picture of me! I now realize the deets has flipped me off.

  3. Mike, you must have one of the only H2’s in LoFo.

    Alex, I read today that Toyota may become the #1 car company in terms of units sold in 2007. Somehow I don’t think an H4 or H5 will turn things around for GM.

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