Jucy Lucy vs. Juicy Lucy

Before continuing my Jucy Lucy expose, I’d like to clear one thing up: The Jucy Lucy is spelled J-U-C-Y L-U-C-Y.

See an “I” there? I didn’t think so. However, there has been precedent set for including an “I” by Dara Moskowitz, who managed to misspell Jucy Lucy throughout a 1998 article on said burger in a 1998 CityPages article.

Jucy Lucy

For those of you who are entirely lost at this point, notice the cheese oozing from the MIDDLE of the above burger. THAT’S a Jucy Lucy. Cheese in the middle of the burger. Get it now? If not, move on.
Additionally, it’s worth noting that Wikipedia had a debate about whether the Jucy Lucy should be sub-categorized under Cheeseburger, but to date this has not happened. It’s kind of like the marsupial of cheeseburgers, where cheeseburgers formed their own species after the break-up of Pangaea.

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