My 50 State Goal is One Closer to Completion

39 down, 11 to go. One may wonder how I managed to visit a state since posting my states visited list yesterday, especially considering that I was at Il Vesco Vino and The Happy Gnome last night. The trick was to open my email this morning and read the following email:

You’ve been to Maryland. We were there when we went to DC and Gettysburg.

Thanks, Mom. I’m glad someone in the family has a memory. Now that my memory has been refreshed, I do, in fact, remember visiting Maryland. We passed through Chevy Chase where there were more Mercedes, BMW’s, and Jaguars than we had seen over the many miles traveled from St. Paul, MN in the family truckster.

I remember pondering in the back seat of our family truckster, “Chevy Chase – the actor – must be really rich for such a wealthy town to be named after him.” Fletch was an awesome movie, so this seemed plausible. To this day, I figure that’s the case, but Wikipedia has their own version of the truth.

So, does anyone remember being in any of the remaining 11 states on my list? Here they are:

NM, TX, OK, LA, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC, DE, MD, and RI.

2 thoughts on “My 50 State Goal is One Closer to Completion”

  1. I thought I’d post here since the previous discussion is getting buried due to your prolific posting skills.

    Indeed I have lost my Texas accent. reportedly a beer or two (or talking with my family on the phone) brings the accent back, but I disagree with this claim. I mean, heck, I just talked to my mom this morning and do you detect an accent in my typing?

    And regarding GW somehow acquiring a Texas accent, I once read some fascinating insight about this topic. Let me see if I can unearth the website…

    OR you can go here…

    This is how I pimp my blog.

  2. Good stuff on the GW accent. Personally, I think you may be a part-time spy, which would explain your ability to drop your TX accent and side-job as a speech pathologist. It’s all starting to make sense. If I hear that you’ve suffered radiation poisoning, I’ll know my theory is right.

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