The Deets Update: New Favicon

The funny little icon (tiny pic of me) next to the URL for this site in your browser is a favicon. If you want to pimp your blog with a favicon, create an image that’s 16×16 pixels, then save it as a favicon.bmp

Now change the .bmp extention to .ico so the file name is favicon.ico

Load that to the root directory of your site, like

If you don’t have access to your site’s root, you’ll need to host the file somewhere else, then point to it from the header. This is common with blogger blogs. Get a friend, like me, to host your favicon on my server. Then add a line like this to the section of your site’s template:

That should do it. You’ve pimped your blog.

2 thoughts on “The Deets Update: New Favicon”

  1. WTF? Is that how you kids say “what the fuck” nowadays? Anyway, WTF? That entire post was in freaking French again. But, somehow it seems like there’s a way I can get more pics of me on the internets! So I’m going to decypher what you wrote and pimp my bad self.

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