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Non-Sustainable Profits from Illegal Workers at Swift

One of the strangest arguments I’ve heard in a while comes from Swift, a meat processing company that broke the law by employing thousands if illegal immigrants:

Immigration officials last month informed Swift that it would remove unauthorized workers on Dec. 4, but Swift asked a federal judge to prevent agents from conducting the raid, arguing it would cause “substantial and irreparable injury” to its business.

Do you really think a judge is going to let you continue to break the law? What do you have to say about the apparently non-sustainable profits earned on the backs of illegal immigrants who presumably were paid less, provided less benefits, and probably treated worse than legal workers would have been?

3 thoughts on “Non-Sustainable Profits from Illegal Workers at Swift”

  1. Zactly. Plus, one of the do-nothings of our 109th Do-Nothing Congress and bush policy of our Bush Administration Policy is the fake attention and no real action on the Immigration issue. Hey, let’s build a billion dollar fence, that’ll solve the problem, right? Wrong. They can solve the problem today, with the existing laws on the books by doing one simple thing–enforcing these existing laws.

    Or, are the immigration enforcement agents illegal aliens too, like it turned out one of the major CA fence building companies employed mass amounts of illegal aliens to build their fences. (Sorry, too lazy to look up the link.) Is that the textbook definition of ‘irony’?

    Truth is, immigration is simply a step down from gay marriage and abortion when it comes to political issues, no one really wants to take on the issue, only deflect attention from the real issues like the war and the unbalanced budget. All emotional bluster and no real action.

  2. As an aside, was that banner header photo of the three of you guys with your hands on your chins taken at last night’s last dodgeball checkin? 😉

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