Quiz for Lawmakers

The Next Hurrah has posted a quiz of questions lawmakers – in this case holding federal office – should be able to answer correctly to be fit for the job. I answered 21/25 correctly. One was missed by reading to quickly. The other three were ranges I wasn’t familiar enough with: the benefits of social security for seniors, S&P performance over Bush’s time in office, and the popularity of unions among non-union members.

Give it a try. How did you do?

How would your congressperson do? I have a feeling Keith Ellison (MN CD-5) wouldn’t have any problem with this quiz. Can you say the same about your rep?

2 thoughts on “Quiz for Lawmakers”

  1. I missed three as well, the S&P one, the AQ Khan fella, and something about senoirs and social security. But in the interest of full disclosure, I was able to guess a lot of the items correctly based on the, er, bias of the poll. Not that I disagreed with it. I have feeling my LoFo rep would do the same as your Lake8 rep, since they’re one and the same, But I also think my girl Tammy Lee would have done just fine too, and I don’t mean Alan Fine. That last joke sucked.

  2. Mike, I was going to say that together we would be great running mates until I realized that we missed two of the same questions. You’re right about the bias of the poll. The questions did have a certain slant to them.

    Refresh my memory on your Lake8 definition when you get a chance. I thought you had Longfellow broken down into LoFo and HiLo.

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