Minneapolis Dodgeball November Rankings

Dodgeball has released their November rankings, and it looks like Aaron L. took the top spot:

Dodgeball November Rankings

You may be wondering, “But Ed, it says Aaron was third.” Yes, that’s true, but I’m disqualifying jenni (why doesn’t Jenni have a last name?) and Brian S. for their cheapy check-ins. And that moves me up into the Bronze spot.

Also, Ben of BenCredible.com finished in an adjusted 5th place, but has recently decided to drop his 3-times weekly checkins at his sports chiropractor. He’s assured me that he’ll make up for the deficit in coming months with additional bar hopping.

Dodgeball launched a new mobile version over the weekend. Check out The Deets about that here.

And one more Dodgeball note: I’ve syndicated my Dodgeball check-ins to the right column of TheDeets.com. Thanks for the inspiration, Aaron.

5 thoughts on “Minneapolis Dodgeball November Rankings”

  1. “Disqualified.” ROFL ROFL. Exactly.

    Well, with all respect, a lot of my checkins recently have been at Anoka County / Blaine Airport and a lot of Bill’s checkins are at his place of employment.

    Dodgeball is interesting to watch here in Minneapolis. It’s basically three big social circles and a fourth one coming in now… and that’s 7% of all Dodgeball traffic in all metropolitan areas. I’m always excited when new people use it.

  2. I think crappy cell phone SMS plans are holding back Dodgeball as much as anything. I have friends who’ve dropped out because of excessive SMS bills, and others who won’t try it because they’re worried about the same thing. Rightfully so, I suppose.

  3. DQ’d? The cheapy checkins you bring up happened in October – and we both know that they led to you catching up during a night on the town! I think you’re jealous that Carly hit number 1 Saturday.

  4. For those of you not familiar with the Story behind Brian S’ cheapy check-ins, Brian checked in from every LRT stop from 46th St to downtown.

    Shek, sorry about the DQ based on dated cheapy-check-ins.

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