May Day Cafe Breakfast Burrito

A friend of mine was in town from Superior, Wisconsin this weekend, so I dragged him to the May Day Cafe to try their breakfast burrito. I found out about this particular breakfast burrito based on a Google search for “minneapolis breakfast burrito” so I figured it was worth checking out.

The quicky explanation: this breakfast burrito sucks.

Breakfast Burrito at May Day Cafe

Breaking it down: The only thing going for this breakfast burrito is the price. At $4.95, how can you go wrong? Well, let me explain the ways:

1. The salsa is about as spicy as ketchup. Imagine something half as spicy as Pace Mild Salsa, then cut that in half. I know we’re in Minnesota, but seriously, this is ridiculous.
2. The burrito contents were basically potatoes, onions, and cumin.

3. The potatoes were cold. They had been cooked, so they weren’t like raw-hard but they were NOT warm. Seemed like they were a day old.
4. The chips served with the burrito were nothing to write home about. Nothing special. Crispy, thick, probably store bought.

Here’s where I really had a problem with this breakfast burrito: NO EGGS! Seriously, if you order a breakfast burrito wouldn’t you expect it to contain eggs?

Put this all together with looking at a bearded woman while trying to eat it, and I can assure you I won’t be back anytime soon.

For those who’ve been to the May Day, please please please let me know what I should order next time I go.

7 thoughts on “May Day Cafe Breakfast Burrito”

  1. You may know this already, but check the Louisiana Cafe next time you want a breakfast burrito in St. Paul (It’s in the Dale/Selby area). Their TexMex burrito is fine fare. It is filled wit

    h sausage, salsa cheese, hashbrowns, and the pre-requisite eggs. But you may not be man enough to eat the whole thing. Case in point: I regularly order two Jucy Lucys at Matt’s and an order of fries beecause, well. I’m kind of gross and I like to eat a lot of food. But to finish the Tex Mex Burrito at the Louisiana Cafe, I literally have to go back to the kitchen, get a time card, write my name on it, and punch in. Tne I go back to my table, go to work, eat the last four bites, and go back to the kitchen to clock out. It takes that much work. But it’s damn good.

  2. Jocelyn, I thought I may have unknowingly been at a vegan restaurant, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Very strange.

    Mike, I took you up on your recommendation with a trip to the Louisiana Cafe this morning. Look for a review later today.

  3. Holy crap. Pressure is on. Hope you enjoyed it. By the way, I don’t want to be presumptuous, so if you know about the Day By Day Cafe already, forgive me. But it is run by on staffed by recovering alchoholics (and other 12 step program graduates). So I try so very hard to like and patronize the place. But in this free market of ours, I must say, there food is lacking.

  4. Yo, Ed. How can you have never been to the Louisiana? It rocks. Of course you can check out identical menus at their sister restaurants: The New Calhoun Grill, The New Uptown Diner and the Grandview Grill. The group is owned by a family (their children go to Lake Country School). We’ve always been satisfied.

  5. Hey James, I’ve been to the Louisiana a few times, and the Calhoun and Uptown locations. But I never had their TexMex Burrito before today. Usually I get the Eggs Benedict, but I’m on a mission right now.

  6. Mike, I’ve been to the Day by Day Cafe and I’ve had their Breakfast Burrito, but that was before I got into reviewing them. I’ll have to go back for a fresh perspective.

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