F-ing Capri Sun Packaging

capri sun, originally uploaded by Eryn P..

I met a dude named Mike tonight who brought up a good point about Capri Sun. Basically, he says one of these days a Gen-X’er will land a job at Capri Sun, possibly in product development, and explain to them that their packaging sucks. It will go something like this:

Gen X’er: “Yo, the packaging sucks.”

Capri Sun Lifer: “You don’t like Capri Sun?”

Gen X’er: “No, I love the juice, but the packaging sucks. I can’t get that damn straw to puncture the package, and if I get one with a dull straw, I’m totally screwed.”

Just take a look at this poor kid. It looks like his father is trying to help him get a taste of Capri Sun goodness, but the kid doesn’t know how to use a straw yet. Notice how the person holding the Capri Sun package is squeezing the package. That’s just asking for trouble because it will leak out around the straw causing a sticky mess.

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