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I’m Big in Cooper

Yet another link pick-up for The Deets. This time from fellow Cooper neighborhood resident and blogger, Aaron Landry. Aaron documents goings on by moblogging with his hiptop.

Aaron does a great job aggregating 3rd party site content onto his blog. He’s pulling in events he’s going to attend from Upcoming, bookmarks from del.icio.us, dodgeball checkin history, last.fm listening log, and his Flickr photo feed. Very cool. That’s an awesome way to create fresh content for your blog by just doing your thang.

If you don’t happen to be familiar with the Cooper neighborhood, you can read all about it on the Wikipedia page about Cooper I started.

2 thoughts on “I’m Big in Cooper”

  1. Speaking of aggregating 3rd party content, I’m debating integrating http://twitter.com/ It’s been out for a few months but I just found out about it this morning. Twitter is interesting – but it might be extending into the far reaches of the worthlessness of what can be put into an RSS feed.

    …and wow, nice work on the Wikipedia page.

  2. Awesome wikipedia entry. I might have to add the lake-8, lo-fo bit as well (actually, I technically in the Hiawatha neighborhood).

    Your description of Mr. Landry’s website is, once again, French to me (I actually am posting this message via smoke signals), but I’ll check it out and see what you crazed gen y (wi-fi?) mofos are up to.

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