I’m Big in South Minneapolis

While I’ve previously reported that I’m big in Minnesota, that’s nothing compared to being big in South Minneapolis. Imagine my excitement when I found out that a Longfellow blog, Jackalope Ranch, added a link to The Deets.

It’s worth noting that while Mike of JR and I both live in the Longfellow neighborhood, we are not neighbors. Mike resides in SoLo, aka. South Longfellow, while I’m in NoLo. Or am I in NoLo? Heck, I can’t remember. I believe the terms were coined by Mike, so maybe he can explain in the comments or on Jackalope Ranch.

Jackalope Ranch may seem like a strange name for a blog based in Minneapolis. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a jackalope running across the street in South Minneapolis. It’s rare to even find one mounted above the mantel in a South Minneapolis bungalow. It turns out that Mike’s some kind of transient who once drank a Lone Star while watching a Spurs game, so considers himself Texan. At least, that’s my one sentence explanation.

4 thoughts on “I’m Big in South Minneapolis”

  1. I just snuck an “Ed Kohler” link on my site under “Some Friends” although we’ve never actually met that I am aware of. Longfellow’s gotta stick together ya know.

  2. You are indeed huge in South Minneapolis. However, you are just as huge in Eagan. At least in my mind. Thanks for the adder on the left side of the screen. You the man–and all of that other jibber jabber that they yell at the Pro Athletes…

  3. That Kirk charachter is really hurting my street cred as a bona fide Texan. Next time my family is in town all you guys can come over for a barbecue and yall are going home with a twang when the night is over.

    For the record, you live in the Lake-8 area of Longellow and live in LoFo. I’d tell you more, but it seriously pisses my wife off that I want to subdivide Longfellow. If there is one source of tension in out marriage that is it. Oh to hell with it, you only live once…

    LOFO es mi barrio!!!!!

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