Fan Mail Regarding Email Subscriptions

An adoring fan writes:

“I really like that I receive the daily emails with your latest deets updates now. Since you know I don’t like bothering to click on links to go outside of my email, this is perfect, the newest deets come straight to me!

Great point, loyal reader. What better way is there to break up the work day than a fresh serving of Deets from The Deets? Subscribing is free and easy along the right column of every page.

“And I like that the whole article comes to me. In our [name removed to protect the guilty] google groups, it only sends the first 2 or 3 lines, then after that, to keep reading you have to click out to the actual google group. Thumbs down to that.”

I couldn’t agree more. The Deets is all about taking care of our loyal readers. Why would I force the people I care about most to click through to finish reading my latest ramblings? Not gonna happen. Full RSS feeds are the bomb diggity.

Reader feedback is always welcome. High priority emails can be sent to my PayPal account.

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