Worst Blog I’ve Ever Seen

A friend tipped me off to a new blog called BenCredible tonight. I’ve seen a lot of blogs in my day and I can say in all seriousness that this blog is quite possibly the worst blog on the Interwebnetthing. Frankly, Google’s robot would projectile puke molten silicon if it accidentally stumbled upon this waste of bits and bandwidth.

Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh, considering the site has been live for five minutes and the Colbert Report keeps distractive Ben’s attempt to publish his first post.

Good luck moving away from the default theme, Mr. Higginbotham.

2 thoughts on “Worst Blog I’ve Ever Seen”

  1. Now that wasn’t very BENCREDIBLE of you. See, now I’m going to make you feel bad…

  2. I believe my statements were valid at the time they were posted. Would I say the same thing about your blog now that it’s 30 minutes old and has two posts? I’ll reserve judgment until you have at least three posts live.

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