Minneapolis has Crazy Bikes

bikes_02, originally uploaded by @ndyK.

What’s with Minneapolis and crazy bike styles? Check this thing out. I think I’ve seen this one roll down Washington Ave while consuming some beers & chicken wings at Maxwell’s before.

Just to clarify, I was the one consuming; not the biker, who would likely have a hard time working on a wingie or drummie while handling this ride. I suppose give a choice, drummies would be preferred for Buffalo biking.

What other crazy rides have you seen around town? A few others can come to mind:

1. Recumbant bikes along West River Road
2. Side by side tandems at Minnehaha falls
3. Push bikes on the Midtown Greenway

What am I missing?

One thought on “Minneapolis has Crazy Bikes”

  1. There is also a seven person bike in the downtown MPLS. I’ve only seen pictures of it on the internets. My w-i-f-e used to have a roommate many moons ago who worked in a junkyard. This meant he was very familiar with the crazy bike crowd that makes those triple-decker bikes and have multiple piercings and mangy (also probably multiple-pierced) dogs. Tye can also be found at the Powderhorn Park Mayday parade. But to be honest, they’re the most normal thing you’ll see there.

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