Fruit Sours Hardness Experiment

Fruit Sours Experiment, originally uploaded by edkohler.

After stopping by a Lunds grocery store on the way home from dinner at Psycho Suzi’s in Northeast Minneapolis, we arrived back at the Cannon household with a fresh container of Assorted Fruit Sours. Nothing particularly ground breaking so far, eh? That’s before Kyle mentioned that during a recent sour ball binge he discovered that the hardness of sour balls varies with color.

This led to a series of experiments based loosely on Mohs scale of mineral hardness to determine which balls were the hardest. Head to head indentation battles were conducted between the various colors. Easily indented sour balls were moved to the left, while consistent winners moved right. Balls were consumed once they’d lost their structural integrity.

We didn’t have any talc, gypsum, or calcite on hard to find out where sour balls rank on Mohs Scale. That will have to wait for another day.

In the end, here is how they ranked from hardest to softest:

1. Purple
2. Green
3. Orange
4. Yellow
5. Red

It’s interesting to see the primary colors so handily defeated. Can we assume that blue balls would come up short?

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