Cheating at Twin Cities Marathon

When first reading this story, it sounds like a fairly innocent thing. A guy gave his bib number to someone else to run the marathon. That’s a pretty common occurrence due to injuries, lack of training, motivation, and scheduling conflicts. However, using a time you didn’t earn to get into the Boston Marathon is an entirely different animal:

“Race photos from the Twin Cities Marathon website show a man wearing Ibrahim’s number who bears little resemblance to Ibrahim. Ibrahim first referred to the man as “a friend,” then later described him as the brother of a co-worker. Ibrahim said the man was visiting from out of town, and said he doesn’t know his name.

But Ibrahim must have liked the other runner’s finish time of just over three hours, ten minutes. A race official in Boston confirmed that Ibrahim registered himself for the Boston Marathon under the time run by the other runner.”

That’s taking things too far. You just know he’d go around telling people “I’m going to run the Boston Marathon.” who which people would say, “Wow, you must be a fast runner.” since, well, you have to be a fast runner to qualify to run the Boston Marathon. Just ask anyone who’s almost qualified how hard it is to qualify. But don’t ask the cheater guy. His previous times don’t put him close enough to qualifying to truly understand how hard it is to do so.
Who of the marathon runners you know who haven’t qualified for Boston to date would be most likely to try pulling a stunt like this?

8 thoughts on “Cheating at Twin Cities Marathon”

  1. Ed–if you are interested, I’ll work with a local makeup artist and try to match your (or anyone you know) look and qualify for Boston. I’ll guarantee a spot in the sub 3:00 club. The fee? A few brewing sessions with no cost for me… 😉

  2. Kirk, that’s a generous offer. My best is a 3:08 at Grandma’s, but that was many beers ago.

    I like running marathons in cotton t-shirts. Would that be a problem for you?

  3. As long as the cotton shirt comes pre stained (both pit and nipple stains, please), I’ll be okay with it. Even more intriguing would be if I dressed as Carly and qualified for the Olympic Trials, don’t you think?

  4. I think it’s worth pitching Carly on the concept. She may be interested.

    Running in a women’s bib may earn you 15 minutes of fame. Could that lead to an MDRA reprimand?

    Maybe I could help you get into the home brew world championships?

  5. HA! This is funny because it’s true – last time Ed ran a marathon (2001 TCM, I think?) he raced in a cotton t-shirt. He pinned his race number to the front of his t-shirt. The safety pins, combined with his sweat created rust marks on his cotton t-shirt. The cotton t-shirt was thrown away with the bib number still pinned to the front after the race.

    Please, no old nasty cotton t-shirt if you are wearing my bib number. Stick to coolmax or your moisture-wicking fabric of choice.

  6. Oh, and on Kirk’s last comment – no, not interested. You are a couple months too late with your offer, otherwise I may have considered. Remember, I’m done with marathons now? Besides, I don’t want to be on the MDRA kicked-out list.

  7. It may be worth adding a post-marathon tip to the MDRA checklist saying something like: remember to clean out your marathon bag when ypu get home rather than leaving it in your trunk for a week growing mold and rusting safety pins.

    Or maybe I’m the only person that happens to?

  8. For the record, ain’t no shame in marathoning in cotton. My first Grandma’s (2000) featured me in a cotton Wisconsin t-shirt. Two rookies errors occurred. First, I don’t give a rat’s ass about Wisconsin, yet thanks to that shirt, I heard the Wisconsin fight song about 262 times and “GO WISCONSIN!” about 262262 times. The second error was bigger, as Ed can attest to, I am sure. I easily lost 262 pints of blood out each nipple over the last six miles. I didn’t realize just how disgusting I was until an hour after the race. I spent that hour being disgusted by all these guys waling around with bloody nipples. Little did I know I had become what I despise.

    And like you, Ed, I did get rust stains on that shirt too after leaving wet and moist for a few days. Want borrow it anyone? Kirk? Carly?

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