Mora, MN 1/2 Marathon

Carly and I drove to Mora, Minneaota this morning so Carly could run the Mora 1/2 Marathon as part of her Twin Cities Marathon training. Around Forest Lake, the low fuel light came on, but we were running a bit late after a slow start to the day, so we pushed on. There was a gas station at the Hwy 70 exit from I-35 we had to take (British Polluters), but with less than 30 to race start, we pushed on. By the time we turned North on Hwy 65 for the last few miles to Mora the needle was below empty. A gas station sat on the edge of town, but Carly made me keep friving so she would?lt miss her start. I reminded her that her bike was in the car, should we run out of gas. Luckily, we made it, but not without some stress. I put 15.8 gallons in the 16 gallon tank. In the past, I’ve joked with Carly about being low on fuel, saying that we have enpugh gas to get to Hinckley when the gas light comes in. Well, it turns out that’s true.

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