Voter Fraud by the GOP vs. Voter Registration Fraud on the Left

While the GOP often points to examples of fraudulent voter registrations under names like Mickey Mouse and Daffy Duck to supposedly show how fradulent vote manipulation can be on the left, they fail to make a signficant point since nobody would possibly show up at the polls to cast a vote under the name of a cartoon character. Thus, the voter registration fraud issue leads to no actual voting fraud.

Compare this to efforts on the right to keep people from voting legally by making it hard to get registered, making decisions on how many voting machines per capita will appear in various precincts to effect the wait time, and scrubbing the names of registered voters from the polls. Each of those tactics has a huge impact on actually votes cast on election day. This is about as far from the values this country was founded on as one could get outside of a dictatorship.

As a reminder, here is an excellent breakdown of what went down in 2000 under the leadership of Katherine Harris.


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