Powerline Blog Stupider Than Ever on Privacy Issues

The Powerline Blog Bush apologists don’t have the common sense needed to see the problems with Bush spying on Americans.

One more thing: since Qwest shares its customers’ records with companies with which it has a “business relationship,” but not with the NSA to prevent terrorist attacks, there is no way I’m doing business with Qwest.

Hey Powerdoofuses. Imagine someone in power having a grudge against you. Let’s say they did up your phone calls and notice that you’ve made a few interesting phone calls while on the road for work. Imagine how someone in government could blackmail the crap out of you and basically make your life miserable based on a bad mistake you made at a particularily vulnerable time in your life.

Worse yet, imagine that you’re national political party is run by gay bashing homosexuals. What if someone got ahold of phone records that could be released proving how hypocritical the leadership of your political party really is? Is that what you’d like to see happen?

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