Seriously, Stanley Renshon?

Apparently, Stanley Renshon thinks it’s more important to avoid controversy than confront the president about his – to repurpose Renshon’s words – “egregiouly harsh, partisan, and tasteless” wars.

Political Psychology: Being Rude to the President and his Wife is no Joke Instead, the Bush material was egregiously harsh, partisan, and tasteless.

How dare someone take stabs at the disaster that is this president’s leadership! How dare someone call the press out for being wimps, and beyond that, too cowardly to laugh at jokes about the president in front on him!

The only thing more pathetic than Stenley Renshon’s analysis of this event is Powerline Blog’s coverage of Renshon’s analysis. How devoted to truthiness can these people be?

2 thoughts on “Seriously, Stanley Renshon?”

  1. In many parts of the world, we are watching our American flag being burned, protests forming when our President arrives in their country or makes a move, and we do not even flinch. Have we come to welcome anti Americanism with open arms in order to be “liked” by Europe and countries considered ” the east”? We must admit, it’s difficult for American’s to promote themselves as world travelers, when most of the places we travel have underlying negative sentiments towards us (so we casually agree, let them know we are “onthe same page’ in order to be accepted). Can we blame Bush? That’s debatable for now, for throughout the years, we’ve given the tip of the nose as we have traveled, often noting our own superiority as we leave our destinations.

    For as long as I can remember, America has attempted to reach the “hearts and minds” of the global community. Has every President been flawless? Not even close.

    I believe what Dr. Renshon was doing was giving us a moral compass. In whatever ways this president has molded, (albeit, sometimes crumpled) matters of foreign affairs, there is a immense lack of respect for him around the world that we passionately encourage by continuing to poke our own fun. Is it just our coping strategy for dealing with the loss of respect and power we have gotten used to in our lifetime or are we that hard up for entertainment?

    Our country is in a dire situation, we should get serious about how to get on the right track instead of taking personal digs on the man and his family- that have zero effect on diplomatic matters at the end of the day. Tasteless, indeed. People can be devoted to the truth by searching and analyzing the “truth”, not silly, senseless quips. This only reflects that we are exercising our First Amendment, but at what expense? To only look more foolish to the people that despise the “West” anyway? I didn’t realize respecting the leader of our country involved taking sides. Criticizing someone for taking a stance against the internal passive aggressive nature of the media? Shameless.

  2. I guess I’ve never considered criticizing an elected official’s actions to be politically incorrect.

    Does this apply to all presidents or just failing Republican ones?

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