John Hinderaker is No Comedy Analyst

But he won’t let that stop him. Heck, he’s reviewed movies he hasn’t seen, so what’s going to stop him from reviewing comedy he didn’t watch, right?

In typical Hinderaker fashion, he relies solely on the opinions of right-wing pundits to decide what he should regurgitate. This shows that he’s too lazy to come up with an opinion of his own, or he doesn’t trust his own judgement enough to go first? Hard to say. Regardless, the one thing you can surely count on is Hinderaker regurgitating talking points without bothering to a tad bit of research before posting:

Power Line: Comedy CriticismThe big news story was that the featured comedian, someone named Steve Colbert, apparently bombed. He did a virulently anti-Bush routine that got few laughs. Hot Air has good footage of both routines; you can judge for yourself who was funnier.

Why is Hinderaker reporting on the reporting when transcripts and video coverage of both performances are readily available online? What a putz. Especially considering that he likely watched the Hot Air coverage of the event before writing his post. Why, after watching at least some of the performances, would he report on the reporting rather than forming an opinion of his own? Lack of confidence in his own analytical skills?

My guess is Hinderaker, being a smart guy, was simply trying to avoid analyzing Colbert’s humor based on brutal honesty, calling the administration out on lying about the war, outing a covert CIA operative, using race baiting tactics to defeat John McCain in the 2000 primary, etc. etc. etc. It’s hard for a Bush apologist like John Hinderaker to laugh at the brutal honesty contained in Colbert’s sharply worded humor.

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