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How Many Lives Per Gallon, Mr Hinderaker?

John Hinderaker criticizes a war protestor’s sign reading, “HOW MANY LIVES PER GALLON?” with the following response:

Power Line: Rogues’ Gallery
Can anyone explain what that sign is supposed to mean? It’s an article of faith among these ignoramus lefties that the Iraq war must have something to do with oil. But what, exactly? Have these people failed to notice that we haven’t exactly seized the Iraqi oilfields? And that, whatever the war’s rationale was, it pretty obviously wasn’t bringing down the price of gasoline?

Notice that Hinderaker doesn’t explain what the war’s rationale was? Wouldn’t that make for a stronger argument than the one he made? Of course, as a Bush apologist, it would be risky to try to make a definitive statement about what the rationale for the war was at a time like this since it’s evolved so many times.

Was it WMDs we never found?

Removing a dictator that we used to like?

Dealing with someone who gassed his own citizens before Donald Rumsfeld shook his hand?

Dealing with terrorism in Iraq before we caugh Osama bin Laden. With no ties to the terrorists who acutally attacked us?

Seriously, only a complete idiot or Bush apoligist would be able to believe that the war in Iraq wasn’t tied to oil. Have you looked at who’s running this country? It’s ALL about oil.

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