Michelle Malkin – Hotair – It’s not just China Censoring People, Michelle

Michelle Malkin kicked off her new video blog, Hotair.com with stories about censorship in China, including swipes at Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, for their compromised positions they’ve taken with the Chinese government: Hot Air » Blog Archive » Kowtowing to China.

Malkin even mentions the now famous Wenyi Wang, who burst out in protest during Hu Jintao’s speach at the White House last week. However, she didn’t mention that the United States of America censored Ms. Wang right in front of President Bush, who apologized for Ms. Wang’s expression of free speech on the White House lawn.

Protester Yells at Hu; Bush Apologizes
In a surprise outburst that cast a diplomatic shadow, a screaming protester confronted President Bush and Chinese President Hu Jintao and interrupted the welcoming ceremony on the White House lawn Thursday. Bush later apologized to the Chinese leader.

On the technology side of things, Malkin also failed to bring up the fact that AT&T is handing over ALL of the electronic communications going across their wires to the US Government. Yes, THAT AT&T, and yes THAT US Government.

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