John Hinderaker Doesn’t Understand Democrats

John Hinderaker clearly doesn’t understand that Democrats are the party that loves the troops, the party that honors them upon their return from service, the party that fights for body armor and properly armored vehicles, the party that doesn’t put troops in harm’s way unless there is an imminent threat to our nation, and the party that doesn’t forget about veterans.

Power Line: Tennessee Welcomes Its Soldiers Home

Tennessee’s Governor, Phil Bredesen, seems to have made entirely appropriate comments, notwithstanding the fact that he is a Democrat:

“What a great sight this is on the street today,” said Gov. Phil Bredesen as he reviewed the 2,500 members of the 278th standing in parade formation wearing their camouflage uniforms.

Bredesen said the men and women of the 278th who were deployed to Iraq for a year represent “what is the very best of our state and the very best of our nation.”

“I thank you for your courage and sacrifices,” the governor told the soldiers. “You left as trained citizens and you came back as warriors.”

“Warriors”–not usually a part of the Democrats’ lexicon.

It’s really sad to see Hinderaker insinuate that Democrats are something they clearly are not. Clearly Hinderaker fails to understand the difference between supporting America’s troops and supporting the actions of this war-mongering failure of an administration.

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