Paul Mirengoff Fails to Grasp Reality Again. This time with Iran

Powerline Blog’s Paul Mirengoff mails in a more maginal than usual post with the help of his cousin today that doesn’t manage to get across even a basic understanding of the known threat Iran poses. Mirengoff’s cousin quickly jumps from Friedman’s analysis of the boondoggle that will be Iran assuming Bush gets his way, to Al Queda, as if they’re one in the same. I haven’t watched FOX News in a while, so I’m a little out of touch with the ties the right-wing is making in order to drum up support for another collossally unprovoked war.

Mirengoff either failed to correct his cousin, or simply chose to ignore the government’s own estimates that show Iran is NO WHERE NEAR completion of a nuclear warhead since they don’t even have all the raw materials needed to make one. Because of this, it’s perfectly reasonable to wait until a more competent adminstration capable of both diplomatic and potentially military options can be effectively conducted. Until then, I’d prefer Bush focus on things that won’t get so many people around the world killed.

And figure out a way to provide healthcare for children.

And raise the minimum wage for people over 18.

And do something about New Orleans like he promised to.

And find Bin Laden.

And invest in alternative energy sources. For real this time.

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