Time For Cynthia McKinney To Go Home — Star Parker — GOPUSA

Hey Star Parker,

If you’re going to use numbers in your columns, make sure they’re accurate. Your case went to crap when you tried to paint the Democrats with the low approval brush brought on by the GOP:

Time For Cynthia McKinney To Go Home — Star Parker — GOPUSA: “The latest polling done by Fox News shows that a 36 percent approval rating for President Bush actually looks good compared to the 29 that both Democrat and Republican members of Congress get.”

Here’s something to think about before you try to mislead your readers again:

Poll: Bush Ratings Hit New Low – CBS News: “Republicans receive more criticism than Democrats when it comes to their ethics. Although a majority of Americans think members of both parties share the honesty and integrity of most people, 37 percent think the Republicans in Congress are less likely to have those qualities, compared to 28 percent who say that about the Democrats. “

Notice the difference? I wonder why that didn’t make it into your article?

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