Encouraging Illegal Behavior for Corporate Benefit

Hey Bobby Eberle, why not go after the corporations who are hiring the illegal immigrants. If the demand for illegal labor was quashed, what would be the incentive to immigrate illegally?

The Loft » Blog Archive » Encouraging Illegal Behavior for the Mighty Vote: “As rallies popped up across the country yesterday to protest efforts by Congress to secure the borders, enforce existing immigration laws, and deal with the illegal aliens already in the country, the Democrats revealed in unmistakable clarity their true motives. This debate isn’t about fairness or compassion or any of the other buzz words they like to use. It’s about votes, and in their zeal to tap into the illegal alien voting bloc, they are not only condoning illegal activity, they are encouraging it.”

Isn’t your guy in the White House proposing an amnesty program? How does that not encourage illegal immigration?

Why is your party so addicted to illegal labor?

Is it because they don’t have to offer insurance?

Don’t have to worry about OSHA complaints from illegal workers?

Can pay them (or not) whatever they want?

It’s not like they’re going to complain, right?

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