Why Paul Mirengoff is a Horrible Political Analyst

Paul Mirengoff loves what Fred Hiatt has to say about the Democrat’s national security plan, as the plan is described by Fred Hiatt:

Power Line: “Warriors” without credibilitly

Hiatt also notes that, while the Democrats promise to “buy more weaponry than the Bush administration [and] sign up more troops,” they also implicity reject the notion that we are (or should be) engaged in a long-term global struggle against terrorism.

So Mirengoff thinks Hiatt thinks the Democrats think we (as a country) should NOT fight against terrorism? This goes to show how out of touch Paul Mirengoff is with reality. If Mirengoff or Hiatt really believe that that’s what Democrats believe, I can understand why they demonize them.

In reality, Democrats simply see strategies beyond just air bombing and ground invasions as viable terrorism prevention strategies.

If Mirengoff can’t understand his political opponent’s position – or simply refuses to – he’s going to continue to make assinine statements based on his distorted world view.

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