Don’t Get Sick from 8pm ’till Dawn

With a curfew in Iraq from 8pm until dawn, you’re better off suffering with your sickness than risking traveling to a hospital for help. If you happen to have heart disease like VP Dick Cheney, don’t set your alarm for before dawn. Standing up after waking up can be the most dangerous time of the day for heart attacks. You wouldn’t want to suffer from a heart attack only to be gunned down along with your spouse on the way to the hospital.

Worse yet, don’t plan on delivering your baby after 8pm. That could lead to the death of the woman and her soon to be born child.

Were there curfews under Saddam’s regime? I’m not saying life under Saddam was all good, but seriously, did you have to worry about your car being shot up on the way to the hospital?

More blood on George W Bush’s hands.

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