Bush’s Unpopularity: Even Ohio Gets It Now

It’s a shame the people of Ohio weren’t able to understand that Bush’s 2nd term would be just that: Four more years of war, increasing defecits alongside additional tax cuts for the richest among us, and further decreases in support for the average American worker in the form of lower job security, more expensive health insurance, and less secure pensions.

Crooks and Liars: Bush is unpopular across the entire country

This 50-state polling chart compiled by USA Survey is quite telling. Bush’s approval rating is above 50% in only 6 states in the entire country, and Texas is not one of them. In 40 out of 50 states — 80% of the country — more people disapprove of Bush than approve of him.

Most revealing is Bush’s intense and pervasive unpopularity in Ohio, the state which swung the election in his favor. People in Ohio disapprove of Bush’s performance by an amazingly lopsided margin of 37-60%. Apparently, they’re not happy that they have no jobs, their kids have no health insurance, their neighbors have been stuck and are being killed in an increasingly unpopular, endless and senseless war in Iraq, and the President is surrounded by cronyism and corruption and thinks he has the power to break the law. But at least gay couples can’t get married, so that’s good.

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