Tucker Carlson Knows Nothing about Hunting

I just watched Tucker Carlson discussing drinking and hunting with Al Franken on Carlson’s show on MSNBC. Tucker claims that “No responsible hunter drinks” which is certainly true, but does nothing to dismiss the circumstances involved in Dick Cheney’s shooting of a 78 year old man in the face after getting out of the car to shoot farm raised quail.

Franken pointed out that Tucker’s an idiot if he doesn’t think drinking plays a role in most hunting accidents.

In this case, Franken was much more in touch with reality than Carlson. Or, Carlson was trying to cover for Cheney’s idiocy by dismissing the drinking and hunting theory.

Assuming we later learn that Cheney was indeed drinking, I hope Tucker sticks to his original thoughts: No responsible hunter drinks, Mr. Vice President.

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