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George W Bush’s “Duty” is Apparently to be a Failed President

A few Bush quotes courtesy of mtanga with commentary from me:

See, we have a duty. The job of the President is to confront problems, not to pass them on to future Presidents and future generations. –GWB (except the costs of war, tax cuts for the richest of the rich, and dealing with damage we’re doing to the environment)

I have a duty to nominate well-qualified men and women to the federal judiciary. I have done just that, and I will continue to do so. –GWB (Harriet Miers?)

We have a duty for future generations. We have a duty to leave this world more peaceful. We have a duty to reform the institutions that are old and tired. That’s our duty. –GWB (By deliverying peace one bomb at a time, by proposing to destroy institutions like Social Security.)

I have a duty as the president to define problems facing our nation and to call upon people to act. –GWB (How did he define the problem called Katrina? Who did he call upon to act? Can you name the person Bush has called upon to catch Osaba bin Laden?)

I have a duty to protect the Executive Branch from legislative encroachment. I mean, for example, when the GAO demands documents from us, we’re not going to give them to them. –GWB (A duty to defy the checks and balances he’s sworn to uphold?)

When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty. –George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) (Correct.)

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