midwestheroes.com Militant Ads During Olympic Games

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the Olympics supposed to celebrate peaceful competition of the world’s best athletes? Isn’t the Olympics an event that prides itself on bringing people together from countries around the world in a peace?

Assuming that’s the case, it sure seems ridiculous to watch ads promoting destroying people duringn such a peaceful event.

It’s absolutely ridiculous to watch ads celebrating a failed president who led us into a war that didn’t need to be fought.

It’s absolutely ridiculous to watch ads suggesting that the only way to fight terrorism is to spend billions of dollars, sacrifice the lives of thousands of US troops, destroy a country, take away American’s privacy, and make us live in fear.

So, thank you midwestheroes.com, mnfamiliesunited.com, familiesunitedmission.com, Chuck Larson, Merrilee Carlson, Robert Stephenson, Mark Weber, and Marcellus Wilks for making a mockery of the Olympic Games. Peace be with you.

As I understand it, your intentions are sound, but your tactics are tactless.

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