How Bush and Bin Laden Help Each Other

A well reasoned explanation of how Bush actually helps Bin Laden, and vice versa:

AMERICAblog: Because a great nation deserves the truth: “Bush and Bin Laden really owe each other a lot. In a sick way, they’ve made each other’s careers. Bush’s failure to deal with Bin Laden’s impending attack on the U.S. made Bin Laden a legend. And, the invasion of Iraq has generated a slew of new recruits for Al Qaeda. On the other hand, by continuing to issue threats against the U.S., Bin Laden gives Karl Rove the ability to keep pushing national security as a political weapon against Democrats. Bin Laden’s message before right before the 2004 election helped at a critical time. And, let’s not forget that Bin Laden has given Bush the excuse to break the law in the U.S. by illegally spying on American citizens.”

If Bush actually captured bin Laden and stopped fighting wars that didn’t need to be fought, how would he manage to keep Americans living in fear? They may actually have time to focus on all the other ways Bush is ruining our country.

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