CES Day 3: Sling Box, Toshiba dual core TabNote, and Google

Day 3 of CES, and we’re starting to feel the pain, but it’s so exciting we just can’t stop. In this report we bring you Sling Box, the new dual core Toshiba laptop, and Google in all their Googleness.

Tomorrow is the final day of CES, and we have a lot planned; however, due to when our flights leave we won’t be able to edit any footage until Monday evening. Please be patient with us as we try and hook everything back up in Minneapolis, MN.

If you’re having issues playing the video, or if you’re looking for minimum system requirements, please visit our Video Help page.

7 thoughts on “CES Day 3: Sling Box, Toshiba dual core TabNote, and Google”

  1. I am enjoying your video coverage of the show.
    But . . . please try to be a little more journalistic.
    For example: When you as a suit why or how Blue ray is better/different than HD DVD and he just stays on message and answers that ‘more companies are on board with our format’ . . . then please press him and remind him that he didnt actually answre your question.
    Don’t be intimidated by them, don’t be afraid of ruffling a few feathers. We want more than video images from the show, get some answers.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the HD coverage! I’m down in Chile, so it’s great to be able to follow CES, and in HD!
    And just because Poita had a suggestion, I’ll make my own: HD video is heavy and your shows are short (just make them longer (heavier, like 175 MB), we can manage), but that’s not the point.
    You can just cut parts that are not necessary like “What is your name and what do you do” (we can read the title underneath, it’s HD after all, a lot fits there!), we want to hear about the features, specially the more debated ones, like DRM or propietary formats (like that 720p HD camera from Sanyo).
    Hope you don’t get annoyed by the long post, or “constructive criticism”, I’m loving your coverage! (Hope you upload the bits that where cut out once CES ends).

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Leo, you raise an issue that received a lot of attention at the show: What content formats are most appropriate for each channel. The “name and what do you do” information – as you point out – isn’t necessary on larger screens, but would be unreadable on a video iPod, PSP, or podcast.
    We appreciate the constructive criticism. As Ben pointed out in a previous post, we’re innovating together:

  4. Thanks for the reply, Ed. I forgot that you also have iPod and PSP feeds (got them both, but it’s so much more fun to watch it in HD).
    I’ve already got you in my iTunes, and hope Technology Evangelist lives a long and happy life.. filled with hours each day uploading interesting tech news in HD! 😉

  5. Well I like your site and i love the various download options for each vid. You are one of the very few outfits that give the browser/viewer options.
    I have to say that one thing that really annoys me in magazines and web sites is the way they never give us any sense of scale. These days gadgets are pushing to be as small as possible and the companys who make them are proud of how tiny they can get. But they always photograph them floating on a plain background.
    For example. I live in Korea and didnt see an ipod for real for a long time. For ages i only saw the ipod, shuffle, micro and ipod video in pics and i had no clue at all what the size of the shuffle and other moddels were cause every time they were not next to anything in the pics.
    So if you get close ups of stuff please try to have something to contrast their size with.

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