The opening day of CES: Treo 700, Wireless USB and Wireless XGA

It’s the first day of CES and we have a roundup of three really cool technologies: Palm Treo 700, Wireless USB and Wireless XGA.

There are thousands of products on the CES show floor, and we have many, many interviews just waiting to be published. We will be posting each interview one-by-one as unique posts over the coming weeks. During the CES show itself we will be bringing you a 5 minute update of the top technologies we see each day. Fear not, expanded coverage continues after the show.

The higher resolution feeds will be made available as soon as possible. Upload speed in the hotel is very poor, so it takes several hours for each video to make it online. EVDO is not much better, so we’re stuck with lag time. Next year I would like to bring my own OC192 trunk. Due to the limited bandwidth, 480p, the iPod Video feed, and the MP3 podcast are the only files available at this time. While we’re shooting CES Day 2, I’ll start the upload of 720p and 1080p so you can get the content in its full HD glory. [UPDATE] 720p is online, 1080p is uploading now.

We have added the Video iPod feed. Apple still needs to approve the feed directly in iTunes, but until then you can use the link below to subscribe in iTunes using the ‘Advanced’ menu. I hope Apple will approve the feed within 24 hours (but it’s out of my hands).

If you’re having issues playing the video, or if you’re looking for minimum system requirements, please visit our Video Help page.

6 thoughts on “The opening day of CES: Treo 700, Wireless USB and Wireless XGA”

  1. Great Video….how does the wireless XGA work? I could see that very useful for making presentations and in a home theater? What is the “latency”? Is the product shipping or just demoware. I can’t wait for more coverage, keep up the great work.

  2. That looks cool! It seems lots of people talk about the new Treo so it’s good to see such interview, wireless usb sounds interesting, wireless xga though seems to be analog, would maybe be nicer with somekind of digital wireless transmission, for example wireless dvi or hdmi compliant thing.
    How about encoding last days 15-20 minute not-too-much-edited video in 720p overnight, creating thus for example a 300mb file. When you wake up, you can burn that to a CD and look for a high speed upload connected computer at the CES floor somewhere.. Maybe if you ask a few people, someone will accept to let you upload you big file everyday with their 1mbit/s dedicated or more that they might have on the actual show floor.. Then, you could put the daily 300mb file on torrent and people would get them automatically into their BitTorrent+RSS software..

  3. To everyone that is interested, I have uploaded the torrents for all the previous videos and these new videos. Help these guys with their bandwidth at by downloading via torrent. You can search for the torrents on or Search for them using this keyword, technologyevangelist . You should be able to download the videos no problem. If there is any issues let me know here in the comments.

  4. the quality of the videos are poor, poor encoding, bad lighting, and no audio cleanup, I thought you had guys who had worked for the TV industry?

  5. I’m sorry to hear that you don’t like the videos thus far, Nam. Couple of things I would like to point out:
    The compression quality right now is single pass CBR as so we can get these out the door in a timely fashion. For a 1Mbps 480p stream that’s not 1/2 res, I think it looks darn good. We will be improving quality as time goes on. I could have cheated and ran 1/2 res for everyone, but since most of the shots are static, I thought that not fair to those who wanted the extra pixels.
    Lighting is mostly out of our control. We can only use shoe mounted lights, and even then we’re limited in the areas we can use that. Typically we’re used to being able to use a Tota 3 kit in these types of situations, but we’re not allowed. I agree, and we’re working on a solution… But unless we can control the enviornment, it becomes much harder. It’s very different than news here. Very different.
    Audio sucked. Agreed. Fixed for the next show.
    As far as I know we are the only ones trying to do anything of this calibar, and it’s going to have growing pains. Each day has been getting better, and in the end I think you’ll find the quality to be vastly better than anything else online.

  6. CES 2006 – Trade show coverage on web video

    The website are showing daily reports from the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
    They’re reporting on new product announcements; the format is interviews with company spokespeople plus product shots.

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