CES 2006 is 24 hours away, and we’re ready to go!

We at Technology Evangelist are excited for CES, less than 24 hours away now.  Wondering how we are planning on bringing you exclusive HDTV coverage of the show floor?  Watch our 2nd 2006 CES pre-show video and find out!

For most users we suggest watching the 480p video. This video is the least processor and RAM intensive.  If you’re having problems, please visit our Video Help section for common problems and system requirements.

To view the show, click on the icon below. If the icon is grey, that format is not yet available.

If you’re having issues playing the video, or if you’re looking for minimum system requirements, please visit our Video Help page.

6 thoughts on “CES 2006 is 24 hours away, and we’re ready to go!”

  1. This looks just awesome! I wish you to have lots of success with this HD CES 2006 video coverage. I hope you will have enough bandwidth, processing power to encode and time to edit interesting videos.
    I put you on my list of sites that I have yet found that has CES 2006 video coverage: http://ces2006.videocoverage.org
    I made HD video coverage which thousands of people downloaded at http://ifa2005.videocoverage.org and tens of thousands downloaded my headmounted 512×384 mpeg4 coverage at http://cebit2005.videocoverage.org
    As I am in China now, I couldn’t be at CES 2006 to do video coverage from there, so on my website I just post links to the best I can find. True, good quality and interesting video coverage from such computer related show like the CES is very rare!

  2. Thanks for the comments and links, Charbax. Good quality and interesting video coverage is what we’ll deliver this week from CES. Stay tuned!

  3. TJ, I sure wish there was. We’re making this up as we go. I have been up for several nights in a row trying to tweak our compression settings to deliver the best quality video at the lowest possible bitrate.
    When the show is over and I have time to breath again, I’ll work on a post that covers how we did it, what equipment and software we used, and what we found worked or not.

  4. I found this blog while searching for CES coverage here http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&ned=us&ie=UTF-8&q=CES+coverage
    The quality of the video seems impressive at that bitrate, works great in VLC. Is that h264?
    The production looks cool, it looks like you have your own studio at the CES.. I am hoping for just as much video as you can manage to film, edit and encode! In case you take requests, I would be interested in seeing the PocketDishes (portable video players) at the Echostar Dish Network stand, maybe hear if they have got different models comming out than PocketDish422, 530 and 740. With more harddrive space, and if PMA (harddrive-based linux PDA) version is planned. Then from the KiSS-Technology stand I’d be interested to know if DP-600 (Cisco’s networked HD player) does h264 HD playback, ifnot then when DP-700 with h264 support will come. I’ve seen also a few interesting things on the internet, the Sanyo 720p Mpeg4 camera that records on SD-cards, Iriver “psp-killer” the G10 with 8GB, 800×480 4″ widescreen and built-in Wibro (South-Korea’s WiMax).
    Anyways I am happy to have found yet at least one place on the internet where someone looks to be dedicated to make a high quality virtual experience for us around the world who cannot take the airplane to be in Las Vegas theese days..
    I hope you mac laptop can encode the lots of HD videos for us fast enough! And that you find time to sleep so you have maximum energy to do the interviews and product demonstrations.. Hopefully your blog’s URL will spread on slashdot and all those places, once you deliver the amazing content.

  5. Charbax, thanks for the comments. To answer your questions, yes we are encoding everything as MPEG 4 h.264 at multiple bitrates and resolutions. We will do our best to hit the booths you requersted, but we have a LOT of gear to carry around and will only be able to hit a fraction of the floor. I think it’s important to get the key items first (although I too am interested in everything you listed). Once we have the big items covered, the sky’s the limit.
    Due to the amount of time it takes to compress each video (1 minute takes 45 minutes to compress PER bitrate), we will not be releasing everything right away. I plan on being able to release content and interviews for the next few months, but we WILL be releasing nightly updates of the big items.
    Should also point out, all videos have been recorded at our studio in Minnesota thus far. I’m writing this post on my Sprint EVDO card at the aiport on my way to the convention. We won’t be broadcasting from a booth, rather, right from the show floor!
    Thanks, and I hope you enjoy your coverage.

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