CES 2006 coverage in High Definition

Technology Evangelist is excited to bring you the International Consumer Electronics Show coverage in HDTV! Starting today with our pre-show countdown, we will be posting HDTV files of CES on our website. We are using the latest in video compression technology, so please review the system requirements carefully.

For most users we suggest watching the 480p video. This video is the least processor and RAM intensive. Make sure you either have the latest version of VLC Player or the latest version of QuickTime 7 (which comes with iTunes, so if you have the latest iTunes, you have the latest QuickTime).

To view the show, click on the icon below. If the icon is grey, that format is not yet available.

If you’re having issues playing the video, or if you’re looking for minimum system requirements, please visit our Video Help page.

3 thoughts on “CES 2006 coverage in High Definition”

  1. Would love to have an RSS feed of this videocast? Thanks for the great work and video for those of us who can’t be there.

  2. Thank You very much. The reason I want the feeds is so I can convert it to my PSP automatically. Thanks again.

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