Power Line Reviewing More Movies the Haven’t Seen

I’ve been trying to figure out what makes many conservative blogs so crappy compared to some of the top liberal blogs. I’ve previously pointed out how right-wing blogs are less likely to allow comments. My theory on that is you need to have your facts straight if you’re going to allow comments. Otherwise, you’ll get shredded by your commenters. If you’re positioning youself as apologists for a pro-torture, pro-spying on Americans administration, you’re going to get some push back if you write long winded and innacurate justifications for something that can be summarized in nine words: You can not spy on Americans without a warrant.

Then it occured to me that some right wing-content is just downright crappy. While I’m not going to defend some of the stranger tendencies of left-wing Orchid or Cat blogging, at least left-wing bloggers don’t review movies they haven’t seen:

Power Line: More on “Munich” by Scott Johnson: “More on ‘Munich’ I haven’t gotten around to seeing the film ‘Munich’ yet, and I’m not sure I will. ”

Power Line: Here’s One I Won’t Be Seeing by John Hinderaker:

I shuddered when I heard that a movie called North Country was being made out of the Jenson case, in which a group of female miners sued the owner of a taconite mine in northern Minnesota.

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