Paul Mirengoff Loses Touch with Reality Based Community

You can’t make this stuff up. Paul Mirengoff of Powerline Blog suggested tonight that Democrats are in panicing about President Bush’s improving poll numbers.

He then goes on to suggest a statement by Alan Colmes on FOX News is representative of all Democrats. Anyone who uses a FOX News Democrat to draw their opinions of Democrats is clearly misguided and severly detached from reality.

I would hope that Mr. Mirengoff would agree that regardless of any poll numbers, it’s a sad day for America when our president thinks he has the authority to spy on Americans without court approval.

Power Line: Panic attack: “There are signs of panic among Democrats as President Bush’s poll numbers improve, with the prospect of additional improvement when the American presence in Iraq diminishes. Tonight, a rather desperate Alan Colmes criticized the Bush administration for attacking Congressman Murtha and other Democrats when they called for troop withdrawal, even though Bush knew he would be withdrawing troops soon.”

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