Senate Roll Call on Arctic Drilling –

Minnesota Republican Senator Norm Coleman appears to have flip flopped on his Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) protection position:

Senate Roll Call on Arctic Drilling – “The 56-44 roll call Wednesday by which the Senate voted to block oil drilling in an Alaska wildlife refuge as part of a defense bill. Sixty votes were needed to stop debate on the issue and allow a vote on the defense bill.

On this vote, a ‘yes’ vote was a vote to stop debate and proceed to a vote on final passage and a ‘no’ vote was a vote to continue debate. “

How did they vote:

Coleman (R) Yes; Dayton (D) No.

Norm Coleman from Marchh 16th, 2005:

“March 16th, 2005 – Washington, DC – “When I ran for the Senate, I pledged to oppose drilling in ANWR. Today I kept that commitment. I was proud to vote again this year to strip ANWR drilling out of the budget because it is a distraction from where our focus should be. We need to do more to reduce America?s increasing dependence on foreign sources of oil and reduce energy costs. But whether we can do that by drilling in ANWR is uncertain. What we do know ? especially in Minnesota — is that we can achieve this goal by expanding the use of renewable fuels like ethanol, biodiesel, and wind energy.”

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