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President Bush has Repealed the 2nd Amendment

We have checks and balances for a reason:

The 2nd Amendment has been repealed: “What Bush has just done is to say that the Constitution no longer dictates what he can and can’t do as president. That means your rights under the Bill of Rights are no longer absolute or guaranteed, they’re no longer the law of the law, they’re now just simple ‘suggestions’ without teeth, that can be brushed away by the federal government whenever it sees fit. If the Bill of Rights no longer give us absolute protection against our government, and can be overruled at a whim by that government, then the protections they afford no longer exist – they no longer exist.

The same logic that Bush applies to the 4th amendment applies to 1st or the 2d or any of the others. Bush has now established the precedent that his power as commander in chief overrules ANY protections you have in the Bill of Rights, and that would include the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. And as Bush has been doing all of this in secret – we only found out because the story apparently leaked to the New York Times THREE YEARS after Bush brushed the Constitution aside – how do YOU know that Bush hasn’t already begun secretly violating the constitutional and legislative rights of gun owners, to further the war on terror, of course? And even if he hasn’t, yet, who’s to say he, or any future president, won’t sometime down the”

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