Amazon’s Digital Locker System: Proactive Customer Service

A look at how’s Digital Locker system makes life easier for customers and potentially will become a new revenue source for the retail giant.

Last week, I brought a Sony webcam home from work so we could test Skype’s new video chat features on a home connection. One problem: I forgot the CD with the driver at work. No problem, I figured. I’ll just download the driver from Sony’s web site. Sorry, it’s not available online. Only an acknowledgment that the product exists. I possessed a worthless piece of hardware and wasted thirty minutes on something that should have only taken a few minutes to straighten out.

Fast forward to today, where I was presented with the following display after purchasing a Belkin Pre-N Router for a friend:


It turns out that Amazon is now providing manuals as PDF downloads from within account “Digital Lockers.” Now that’s customer service. The Motley Fool recently described this last month as Amazon’s Secret Weapon since it can be used to store a lot more than manuals. Rob Hof of BusinessWeek has theorized that the Digital Locker will become home to a digital music service .

The Fool also sees a digital music service in the future, but a hybrid service may also exist: “One of the technology’s more obscure new features lets customers who preorder upcoming CDs download a streaming digital copy of the album before their physical copy ships.

Great potential for improved customer service and growth in new markets.

To Belkin’s credit, they provide much superior than Sony their site where I can easily find and download manuals and drivers for the Pre-N Router:


I’ve mentioned previously that Amazon is doing a lot of things right. Add one more thing to the list.

What do you think?

Have you used your Amazon Digital Locker yet? If so, for what?

What businesses use the web most effectively for post-sale customer service?

Who frustrates the heck out of you?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Amazon’s Digital Locker System: Proactive Customer Service”

  1. Unfortunately, this probably would not have helped with your Sony product. Sony is very stingy about product manuals and software updates. But, kudos Amazon for once again providing superior customer service. I’ve never been disappointed with them, even when I had to talk to them on the phone.

  2. Good point about Sony. Amazon probably wouldn’t have access to that driver or manual. The lack of post-product support will certainly be on my mind when making future accessories purchases from either Sony or their competitors.

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