Yahoo Acquiring Explained in 6 Easy Steps

Yahoo acquires What does that mean for social bookmarking?

There is interesting news coming out of the social bookmarking
market today:
Snaps up

What the heck is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is basically a web based bookmarking service on
steriods. It gives users the ability to access bookmarks from anywhere and
share web pages that has been deemed “bookmarkable” by its network of users.

What kind of name is Pronounced “delicious,” is both the company name and domain name
of a service that allows people to bookmark web sites to an online account
rather than to a favorites folder in their web browser. The service was
created in 2003 by Joshua Schachter and turned
into a company in 2005. While certainly has a tasty sounding
name, that’s probably not why Yahoo bought them.

What does do?

  1. Online Bookmarking: Saving bookmarks online
    allows users to access them from any computer and from any browser. As
    I mentioned in a
    post, bookmark syncing is a big challenge for people who use more than
    one computer or browser. However, rather than attempting to sync bookmarks
    between multiple computers and browsers, users simply work from a
    single repository of bookmarks accessible from any internet
  2. Bookmark Tagging: Have you ever started reading something
    really interesting, run out of time, decided to bookmark it, but then
    couldn’t remember what you called it or what folder you saved it in? addresses this common challenge by using bookmark tags. Every
    time you bookmark a site to, you can add keywords (tags) to the
    bookmarked web page to help you categorize that page in your
    account. Tagging is far superior to folders because it allows users to
    bookmark the same web page to many “folders.” For example, a person adding
    this blog post to might tag it with terms like [
    yahoo bookmarking acquisition]. That person could later retrieve this post
    within their account by clicking on any of those four tags.
  3. Bookmark Sharing: Bookmarks posted to become
    part of the community. The bookmarked web pages are ranked based
    on how many times a page is bookmarked by users.
    This helps address one of the toughest questions faced by web
    users today: “What’s worth reading?”

    Searching by a tag that interests them, or clicking’ “Popular” link will guide people to interesting content fast
    using the power of’ network. Once one person ads this blog
    post to, other users of may also stumble upon it,
    read it, and decide it’s bookmark worthy, thus increasing the popularity of
    this post for the terms it has been tagged with.
  4. What does Yahoo gain from this acquisition?: Yahoo is
    already a player in the social bookmarking game through their
    MyWeb service. While actually superior in some ways to –
    Yahoo allows users to set permissions to bookmarked pages, so you can decide
    what’s public, private, or somewhere in between while’ system is
    only open to the public – they dodn’t have
    the fast-growing network has been able to quickly acquire.
    Perhaps Yahoo has learned how hard it is to catch up once a
    company manages to gain a foothold in a network-effect web model?
  5. A Killer Application Bundle?: If Yahoo manages to create a
    bundle of irresistable applications that are truly integrated (one
    login) into their Y! platform, they may manage to lock in users for a good
    portion of their daily web browsing. A killer combination of great
    social bookmarking, a top of the line RSS reader, and fast / relevant search
    could entice many web power users who’ve called Google home for the past few
    years to reconsider their web browsing behavior. Will Yahoo be able to pull
    it off? The speed and elegance of the integration into
    Yahoo’s properties may show us how serious they really are.
  6. Who else is a player in social bookmarking? Temporarily, it
    looks like Yahoo has cornered the market, but Google does have an
    bookmarking service
    tied into their personal search system. If Google
    enters this game, it will likely be an extension of that service.
    Microsoft’s Windows
    will likely offer a competing service in the near future.

What do you think?

Are you a or Yahoo MyWeb user today?

What do you like about the services?

Who else will become a player in this market and when? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I think your proram at, is messing up my computer. I want to delete it, but I can’t find it in my Add and Remove program applets. Is there a way to do this, short of reformatting this computer?

  2. Joseph, are you referring to the Firefox extension? If so, try removing it from your extensions list to see is that makes a difference.

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